Dance with the Music


Our collection of 4 online classes will help you to dance salsa with more musicality.


Seen people making their moves fit the music? How do they do it?

You might think they know every track inside out – sometimes they might do, but often they just understand how salsa music is likely to be phrased and can predict what is likely to happen next. That might sound like it would be incredibly complex and take years to learn, but there are all sorts of things you can pick up quite easily, if you are shown how to listen out for a few clues.

This collection of 4 online classes will help you to dance salsa with more musicality – dancing in musical phrases, picking out repeated patterns, predicting changes to new sections, spotting changes of direction, adapting moves to the mood of the music, and finishing with the end of the track.

Different aspects of the music are clearly explained with examples and exercises to help you understand the music better, and to make your dancing more musical. Hopefully it will also heighten your enjoyment of listening to salsa.

This collection follows on from our collection ‘Help with the Music’ which focuses on helping you to find the beat and maintain your timing in salsa music. Amongst other things, this introduces the rhythm patterns of many of the salsa instruments, and how we can use them to dance better in time. If you are not already aware of these rhythm patterns, or struggle with your timing, we recommend that you take those classes first.

You will be sent links to access the videos and may view them as many times as you like (see T&Cs below).

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Terms and conditions:

You can view the videos as many times as you like, but may not save them, share them or broadcast them in any way (other than with a partner or family member within the same home).

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