Specials class: On2 Conversion L4/5 (part 3 of 3)

Specials class: On2 Conversion L4/5 (part 3 of 3)

7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

TLC Studio


Marcus will be teaching the last class of this course for learning how to dance On2, or to reinforce your understanding.

Dancing On2 is a way of expressing your salsa moves in a different way in relation to the music, and means that the pattern of your basic step happens on different beats. This means that the dance feels different, even when using the same moves. We encourage students to learn all styles to enable them to dance with anyone, anywhere, as you will encounter some dancers who will only dance in one style. It also gives you the option of choosing a style which you feel expresses the particular song you are dancing to.

These classes are for Intermediate / Advanced Level (Levels 4 & 5).

All Specials classes are held at the TLC studio and are on a drop-in basis, no booking required.

Although these classes are on a drop-in basis, they will be run as a mini course of 3 classes (1 class per fortnight) so each class will build upon what was taught in the previous class. It is therefore recommended that you attend all 3 classes of a course if possible.

We have 2 concurrent Classes:

On2 Conversion (for Intermediate / Advanced)

Divas & Dudes (for Beginners Plus / Improvers) – Please see the separate event for details.


The on2 conversion class on 13/6/19 will be taken by Marcus

No partner is necessary.

7.15-8.15pm On2 Conversion Classes: Intermediate / Advanced Level
7.15-8.15pm Divas & Dudes Classes: Beginners Plus / Improvers Level

8.15-9.45pm Salsa classes

9.45-11.00pm Social dancing with DJ Steve


  • Specials class only: £5 on the door (£3.50 concessions: NUS & IoW)
  • Specials class and social: £8 (£5 concessions)
  • £3 if arriving after 9.45pm for social dancing only
  • If you do both 7.15pm & 8.15pm classes (including social), pay only £12 (£8 concessions)

Great DISCOUNTS are available with our monthly subscriptions.

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