Specials classes: Cuban

Specials classes: Cuban

7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

TLC Studio


Cuban Salsa has the same timing of footwork as Cross Body Salsa, however it has a different feel to it, mainly because partners change positions with each other in a more circular motion, rather than on a line. There are some moves which are similar in both styles, but many which are unique to Cuban style. It is possible to dance Cuban style to any salsa music, but is best suited to dancing with Cuban Salsa music. 

All Cuban classes are held at the TLC studio and are on a drop-in basis, no booking required.

Although these classes are on a drop-in basis, they will be run as a mini course over 3 consecutive weeks so each class will build upon what was taught in the previous class. It is therefore recommended that you attend all 3 classes of a course if possible.

Before taking any of our 7.15pm classes, it is recommended that you have some experience of the basics of Salsa, and have completed at least the Level 1 Beginners Course from our 8.15pm classes.

We have 2 levels of Cuban:

Beginners Plus / Improvers

This Level is for those who are confident with the basics of Cross Body Salsa, but who are new or fairly new to Cuban. The amount of previous salsa dance experience will vary for those starting Cuban, so progression to the next level will depend partly on that. Please check with your teacher before moving to the next level.

Intermediate / Advanced

This Level is for those who are already confident with Cuban, so the level does not necessarily correlate with your level of Cross Body Salsa. Please check with your teacher before attending this level for the first time.

No partner is necessary.

7.15-8.15pm Cuban Classes: Beginners / Improvers Level
7.15-8.15pm Cuban Classes: Intermediate / Advanced Level

8.15-9.45pm Salsa classes

9.45-11.00pm Social dancing with DJ Marcus or Debbie (with some Cuban in the mix)


  • Specials class only: £5 on the door (£3.50 concessions: NUS & IoW)
  • Specials class and social: £8 (£5 concessions)
  • £3 if arriving after 9.45pm for social dancing only
  • If you do both 7.15pm & 8.15pm classes (including social), pay only £12 (£8 concessions)

Great DISCOUNTS are available with our monthly subscriptions.

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