6 Week Salsa Course Start: Level 2A

8:15 pm - 11:00 pm

TLC Studio


Beginners Plus (Level 2A)


(2 classes before: 5/12 & 12/12 then 4 classes in January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th)

Our amazing Salsa courses for Beginners Plus (Level 2) are only available by booking in advance. This is one of the start dates of the 6 week courses.

Most people will come to Level 2 having completed our Level 1 course, but if not, you would need to be confident with all the material in Level 1 (please contact us before booking a course if you have not completed a Level 1 course with us).

For Level 2 there are two 6-week courses (2A & 2B). Before progressing to Level 3, you need to complete at least one of each Level 2 course (both 2A & 2B), but it doesn’t matter which you do first. Both courses include some of the same material to revise, but every week includes material which is NOT covered by the other course.

Therefore, Level 2 is for a minimum of 12 weeks (two 6-week courses), which will take you from the basics to having a repertoire of 50 salsa moves! Not everyone learns at the same rate, so it may be appropriate to repeat one of the courses to assimilate everything with confidence.

Our Level 2 courses are offset by 3 weeks between Wednesdays & Thursdays, so that a new course starts every 3 weeks.

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