Salsa Thursdays: Level 2B Six-Week course (6 February 2020)


6-week Salsa course for Beginners Plus, running on Thursdays, held at Tracie’s Latin Club.



Once you’ve completed the Level 1 course you can move on to Level 2, which comprises of two 6-week courses – parts 2A & 2B, which can be completed in any order.

This course is Level 2B (on Thursdays).

If you have not completed a Level 1 course with us please contact us before booking.

The course starts on this date and runs on Thursdays from 8.15pm – 9.45pm with social dancing afterwards.

Please note – before progressing to Level 3 you will need to complete both Level 2 courses – parts 2A & 2B, but it does not matter in which order you do them. Some people may benefit from repeating one or more of the courses – your teacher will advise you when you are ready to move to Level 3.

Places are limited so book your place by buying this ticket.

Please note this payment is for Thursdays only and cannot be transferred to a Wednesday.